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Creation of a hero website for an 360° expert

I got to know Hermann Oehrle and his wife Rosi just before Christmas in 2014. In the restaurant of an extremely green hotel in the Bavarian Forest, we happened to be sitting next to one another … and got to talking. Our encounter was quite funny, and ever since we’ve been writing each other a Christmas email to find out what’s been going on in each other’s lives the past 365 days.

In 2018, he surprisingly contacted me in the summer: he needed a website. Besides his job as a system admin for the City of Balingen, Hermann pursues countless other interests. For instance, he’s studying at the Remote University of Hagen and is continuing his education in a breathtaking number of disciplines, while at the same time developing his professional industry network. At weekends, with the utmost motivation and driven by a quest for knowledge, he regularly travels all over Germany to attend seminars. His overall portfolio is practically bursting at the seams with energy, and I first had to think about how I could even get this across to others without appearing over the top. Then I knew what to do: it could only work with an ironic “wink-of-the-eye” hero story. Since then, he has been Oehrle. Hermann Oehrle.

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